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These questions will help you uncover what matters most in your primary care provider, because you deserve care that treats the whole you.

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What matters most to you in your healthcare?

(Choose as many answers as you want.)

A medical team that supports and respects you
Help managing a chronic condition
Better outcomes and preventative care
Keeping your costs down

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What would make going to the doctor convenient and comfortable for you?

(Choose as many answers as you want.)

Help getting to and from the doctor
A facility built with older adults in mind (accommodations)
Telemedicine for non-emergency services
On-site laboratories, pharmacies and/or dental care
Same-day appointments
Short wait times

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Which of the following qualities do you want in your provider?

(Choose as many answers as you want.)

They’re warm, friendly and supportive
They give me extra time and attention
They answer my questions in a way I understand
They’re my partner on my health journey
They create a care team just for me with a doctor and health coach
They make me and my needs are the top priority
They empower me to live my healthiest, happiest life

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Would you like to visit a provider who offers social, educational and/or fitness events?

(Choose as many answers as you want.)

You bet! Where can I sign up?
No, thanks. I just want to be in and out
Maybe. It depends on the topics and events

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