Modern healthcare, designed for what’s next.

This whole Medicare thing can feel sudden. Humana can help it feel right.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a new chapter. You’re considering a Medicare Advantage plan in order to get ahead of your health, but you’re not sure where to start. Humana gets that. Which is why our our licensed sales agents help you navigate all your options. And our plans open the door to doctors who help you face any age with confidence.

Humana’s network of value-based care doctors strive to take the time to listen. So if your health needs change, they’re ready to help. If your life plans change, they’re ready for that, too.

With care like this, suddenly, the Medicare thing feels like something you can handle. Suddenly, you’re smooth sailing into whatever is next.

Value-Based Care? We’ll explain.

The traditional care model is fee-for-service, meaning providers get paid based on the quantity of care they provide. Many providers within Humana’s network practice value-based care, which means providers are incentivized by the quality of care they provide.1 This emerging type of care has proven to better patient outcomes,2 and Humana is proud to offer our members an extensive—and growing—value-based network.

This is the Humana difference.

  • We can help save you money with an affordable plan that connects you with care designed to treat you proactively.
  • Within our value-based network, every patient gets a dedicated care team, which includes doctors, nurses, health coaches and behavior health specialists.
  • We open the door to doctors who strive to care beyond the clinical.
In other words, they treat the whole you, so you can feel your best outside the doctor’s office. We call it, human care.
  • Our medicare plans make healthcare more accessible, so you can worry less about getting the right care for you.

When you find yourself turning a new page, Humana is here to help make Medicare feel a bit easier. In fact, this chapter could be a great one.
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